We use our experience in design and fabrication to take ideas all the way through to realisation.

Whether you are a designer, a contractor, a person with an idea or a person with a space that needs a fitout, millwork or piece of furniture, we work with you. Send us an email with your details, call to discuss or arrange an appointment to get your project moving.

We have two 5' x 10' (1524mm x 3048mm) 3 axis cnc router machines with a 10" Z-axis capability. We have 5 years of experience offering CNC cutting services to the Toronto, Canada and the U.S. In this time we have realised numerous projects that were initially considered only possible with a 5 axis machine in sizes far beyond our machining area by various means we have become experienced with.

Offering high quality cnc cutting services, design, documentation and project management, interior design and millwork packages, prototyping, jigs and templating, assembly and finishing. We are a turnkey solution.




As well as creating a line of furniture for home and office we work with fine woodworkers for creating parts, jigs, flattening table tops or wherever we can provide efficiencies within a craftspersons existing process of design and making.



Architectural or topographical models, both for presentation and sales use, to permanent installation for information or as artwork. High density polyurethane foam, plywood or solid timber.


film + theater

Elements for stage and film sets and props



A one-stop solution for your interior fitout we can design, fabricate, finish and install the whole project. We work with our business partners to handle steel, glass and stone components and make sure all components come together



Molds for fibreglass, plaster, concrete and resin applications. Typically from MDF or high density foams we can offer a number of differing grades of finish to match budget and application.



Our experience in complex material assemblies helps manage the production and project management of facade elements, panel cladding and other architectural applications.



 Both milling text and logos into surfaces or cutting out for installation on a secondary surface, we'll advise on what tooling you'll need, what it will look like and make you a jig for installation.



We have been engaged a number of times to match trim in heritage restoration projects. From a supplied piece we measure, model and prototype before supplying the required lengths.



Before projects begin production or final decisions are made we provide material, detail and design prototypes to convey the nature of the final outcome or to provide budget alternatives.


Designed and made locally


We fabricate this line of locally designed furniture by Lister Design Studio. We've delivered them to local workspaces as full office fitout furniture along with our custom millwork.



Minimalist design with maximum geometry for a stylish downtown coffee spot


Along with David Grant-Rubash of Phaedrus Studio and Don Clune of W Wolfe Homes we made this challenging geometric interior for Odin Cafe on King Street West, Toronto.


A historical building gets a new lease on life


Another faceted, origami like interior including a 30 foot feature ceiling! This interior is for both Quantum Coffee and Brainstation who share the building at the corner of King and Spadina in downtown Toronto.



A new Toronto craft brewery gets a crafted interior


Darkened timber textured geometric patterns, acid etched metalwork and floating birch tabletops and shelved for this cosy taproom on Wallace Avenue.



Canada's #1 golf course get's Canada's #1 golf course model


A map of the golf course from shaped high density urethane foam, perfectly finished with maple golf tees for the vegetation. Even the solid timber frame steps to match the geography to make a seamless transition between materials.


Insta Install 01.jpg
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